Thursday, March 4, 2010

BlueWater Media-The Tour:

Kenny takes us on a tour of the facility, he walks past pre and post productions and discusses the multiple projects and experience that BlueWater Media has in this field. He states the connection with the big TV shows and personalities, like HSN and QVC. How they have many years of experience in producing infomercials, managing call centers and the customer experience. We walk past a few offices, one in particular, where Disney Audio was being recorded, caught my eye. He informed us of the importance of having such collaboration between the two companies and the benefits of the integration.

We continue along a pre determined path, on our way to the main lot where most of the infomercials are filmed. During the walk, I begin to have a fear of the meeting that I orchestrated. Here we are, in Florida, after spending $300 on air fare and $90 on a car rental only to have someone pitch me the facilities and capabilities of BlueWater Media. While I was ware of what BlueWater Media had to offer, did, somehow, my intentions get lost in the translation?

A fear that ran down the back of my spine, of what might have occurred? Was I clear on what this meeting was going to accomplish? I thought I was clear with Kenny when I informed him that we were looking for funding or a partnership for our product. That we did not have the cash flow to fund the project or the fact that we did not know anyone in the manufacturing. It was only later did I understand that the tour was intended to display the possibilities of what BlueWater Media had to offer to its clients and that we could be their client.

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