Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home Depot:

We arrive at the Clear Water Home Depot around a quarter past noon and we immediately walked to the BBQ section. As expected, in Florida, they have not taken down their BBQ section or scaled back the offerings in the least bit. We examine each demo unit and in less than 10 minutes we had narrowed down our selection based on price and size. I then turn and find a helpful Home Depot woman and I politely ask her if they have this particular BBQ in stock? She replies positively. I then inform her that we just flew in from DC to see our friend who we have not seen in some time and we wanted to buy it for him as a house warming gift. We then ask her if they had any units pre built? To our surprise she states that we can take this unit - the demo unit.
Merrily we wheel the BBQ along with a bag of charcoal to the cash register and out the door. We practically skip down the parking lot to the PT Cruiser discussing how we have just saved ourselves at least an hour of build time! We get to the hatchback and realize that we should have rented a larger car.

For the next 15 minutes we analyze and discuss the best way to jab a 5 lb turkey into a 4.5 lb pan! We decide to remove the back seats out and take down some loose barbecue parts. We then gently and strategically proceed to jamb the BBQ into the small opening. After about 5 minutes of inserting the unit, we strategically replace the folded back seats into the back along with some loose BBQ parts. Thankfully the meeting place is only 15 minutes away, and that means that the unit will not experience too much movement.

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