Monday, March 8, 2010

Kevin Harrington-Part 2:

During our time with Kevin, he brought in his secretary, a TV personality named Mark and one more to get a feeling for the CharBQ and its appeal. We performed our demonstration on the table, its ease of scalability and then outside, on the BBQ we had setup. It is during our indoor meeting that Kevin makes some strong recommendations regarding the CharBQ. His philosophy on product must contain these three line items, 1. Magically transformational, 2. Highly demonstrable, 3. he can sell it to anyone. He is not a fan of selling niche products. And so with those statements, he would like to have the unit be a stand alone, adjustable, portable BBQ and have the "but wait, there's more" it also converts your existing gas BBQ to a charcoal BBQ. Naturally, at the meeting, John and I both agree on this new development and by the time we arrive at home we have two methods of accomplishing this.
In the end, he turns to Kenny and informs him to get us set up with an NDA, asks us to leave a prototype behind and to get in touch with Charles, from Sparks Lab. After which, Kevin stands up, extends his hand as states "let's do some business together". And with that, for the next thirty minutes. we wrap things up with Kenny, sign an NDA with BlueWater Media and prepared an NDA with Charles. The meeting went better than we could have hoped!

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