Friday, March 5, 2010

Kevin Harrington-Part 1:

Kevin walks into the space and by this time, John and I have already pitched the CharBQ to Kenny, the intern and another colleague of Kenny's. Kenny passes his chair to Kevin, who was dressed in a collared shirt and jeans. He wasted no time introducing himself to us and extending his hand. We shake hands and introduce ourselves, he then takes a seat, opposite us and to the right of Kenny. Having done his homework on us, he begins by stating how much he adores stone crabs, knowledgeable of their season and how they compare to the blue crabs in MD.
Kevin spent an hour and a half with us, discussing his philosophies of the business, some of his current projects that he is working on and the CharBQ project. Here is a man, worth millions of dollars, working on multiple project, including projects from the TV show, Shark Tank and he takes 90 minutes of his life to meet with two goof ball inventors from MD.

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