Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pre-Meeting Setup:

We arrive at the one story non discrete looking building (we had used Google streets and examined pictures online to get an idea of the building size and layout) about 45 minutes before 2 pm. We quickly opened the hatchback, removed the BBQ and begin to assemble the barbecue. We walked over to the sidewalk and placed the barbecue under a shady tree, assembled the CharBQ added the charcoals and placed the unit inside the barbecue. Once we were happy with the location and look, we got back into to the car, and turned the AC up high to cool off. In the car we went over our game plan, once again, we discussed what the likely scenario of the meeting and what where the possible outcomes. We were certain that a deal would not be presented today and that the likely hood of leaving a unit behind was a possibility. Should the need to leave behind the unit was presented, we would have to ask for an NDA. We also anticipated that Kevin would join the meeting for a few minutes to hear the pitch and leave it to Kenny and Bobby to finish the meeting.
At 1:40, we got out of the car, I proceed to remove my shirt, open my carryon and take out a freshly pressed shirt. All clean and pressed for the meeting. We promptly walk in the door at 1:45 pm and announce our arrival to the receptionist who informs us that Kenny will be with us in a moment. Fifteen minutes go by at 2 pm, Kenny walks up and introduces himself to us. I take the lead and introduce my partner John and myself. We inform him that we have a demo BBQ outside the building ready for the meeting. He responded enthusiastically, the proceeded to give us a tour of the facility, prior to us sit down and discussing any of the particulars.

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