Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Onward and ….Two weeks later

So, when I arrive back home and tell my story to John, I say to him that I feel that will not be the last of it.  Two weeks later, Sarah calls me and informs me that the producers would like to submit our work to Sully.  Was I ecstatic! Naturally, she informs me that they do not have a CharBQ to pass on and that I must do so. Oddly enough, in that two week period, thanks to the Kennedy interview, we began to look for an author to partner with for an add-on cook book. We also added a smoker cover, beefed-up the handles and made some other manufacturing cost saving features.
We draft a letter, add pictures of CharBQ (version 2), a DVD video and one of the prototypes and mail it away. We then turn our attention to finding an author and finalizing the manufacturing costs.

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