Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meeting Aftermath, Part 1:

Needless to say, from September 30th until November 13th, the day we pick up the tail end of the Kevin Harrington story, John and I have been busy conceptualizing the "and more" portion of the product. While both John and I do not agree with Kevin, our attitude was to deliver the goods. This project, for us, was to get cash in our pockets and justify us as inventors. In the days after our meeting with Kenny, John and I had settling on a few items - a plan B.
During this time, we had concluded that if Kevin did not pick up the CharBQ project, we would take it on our own. We would create the prototypes, search for the manufacturing, look for angel investors and develop the YouTube and other videos/infomercials. We also would go back to the original concept of the CharBQ, as an insert and not a stand alone product. Perhaps, version two we would offer the adjustable legs and grills.

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