Monday, March 1, 2010

The Meeting:

The day of the meeting, we caught a 9 am flight into Tampa Florida that brought us there by 11 am. Being betting men, we figured that should we lose one baggage, we would have the other on hand. And so, we each brought along one carry on luggage and each carry on contained one complete set of the CharBQ grill. The reason was simple, if the TSA denied us the ability to carry the stainless steel product onto the Southwest airplane, our backup plan was to check the luggage. With checking luggage there came uncertainly, would the bags would arrive on time and in one piece? In the end, no one questioned the CharBQ and both were carry-on bags were allowed on the plane.
After a non descriptive flight, discussing, yet again, the game plan, we arrived at our Florida airport destination. We went to the car rental area and retrieved our small PT Cruiser. We then drove to the local Home Depot for the remaining props.

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