Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pitchmen Season 2: On Site

After a few minutes, I get out of my rental car and I walk over to introduce myself. The first person that I meet on this journey was Mark Anthony, he invented the Auto Contact ( He has had this invention for over 2 years, managed to get into a few good accounts and would like to get broader exposure. The next person to park along side us was Amanda, the non-paid PA! We spoke with her for a few minutes and around 7:15 am, Madelyn, the owner arrived to open the doors to her studio. Needless to say, the casting call did not start at 8 am sharp, more like 9 ish…. And by then I had meet a few more inventors.
Sarah set up a table in the garden and asked the inventors (about 20 at this time) to line up. I managed to get myself into the 5th position, while Mark made third and the others randomly spread out throughout. Very cool and strange. I get up to the desk, state my name, and then I'm give three sets of documents to "read" and sign. I think if John and Linda knew that I signed without reading they would have me committed! After signing, I hand Sarah a package that contained a DVD, pictures and a write-up of the invention. After about 20 minutes, they called the first 5 people and we followed one of the PA's to the audition rooms. We performed the walk three times, the camera man needed three different angles and so all of us need to do perform the walk and hold the items in the same order/manner. I this is cool! We walked on what they called the "green hall" which was simply an ally between the building and the side fence that had grass turf on the floor. Once inside the small foyer, the five of us were instructed to read the rules of the audition (see picture). At one point, I was the last one in the foyer (see picture) and naturally I was nervous and exhilarated and anxious and scared and I thought, I could use John's input and encouragement right about now! Then the door opened and I was asked to come in….

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