Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pitchmen Season 2: Waiting Game

After about a 10 minute wait, I sat down with Peter and had a one to one chat. Another surreal feeling, he would ask me a question and naturally I would answer. Then he would reiterate my answer and incorporate his question - ARGH! I just could not get that part in my mind. This was not a standard interview, you must repeat the question in the answer…TTQA! His last question was :how did you think your pitch went?" and my response was that "I believe I did a good job, that the crew asked me where can they buy a CharBQ". Peter smiled and said, "I thought the same thing".
So, it was roughly 10 am, finished my pitch, my post interview and I walked around mingling with other inventors. We were informed that the decision would be announced at noon so we were free go to have lunch. The funny thing was, although in the email, we were informed of a strict start time and that an end time would be imposed, neither was true and in the end, moist of those selected to go one were the late comers. So now, there were about 50 different inventors and I got to meet with the inventor of the Lawn Mower Caddy and then there was Derek, the rim bling bicycle inventor, and there was James who invented enzymes to keep the drains clean and another who invented a gadget to prevent toilet paper from unrolling.
Mark and I took lunch together at a local Cheese Steak store, when we got back to the studio, Kennedy (the chick from MTV - the VJ - Yeah, I did not know who she was either) was conducting interviews (see picture). We watched her crew move from product to product, Mark and I then got in line to get more product exposure.
My interview with Kennedy was interesting, she was certainly no fan of the CharBQ, specifically charcoal cooking. At one point, she stated that the convenience of the gas grill and the difficulties of judging how to cook meat on charcoal were the positives/negatives. I, naturally agreed about the convenience of cooking, and that growing up we all enjoyed the smoky flavors and today, with all of the reality cooking shows, flavor was in. In the end, she was no a fan of charcoal cooking which equated to a no sale. However, I came out of that interview with an idea to offer a charcoal cook book to go with the CharBQ!
Noon came and went and all that occurred was another announcement to state that in 30 minutes they would announce the winners. Time marched on until finally at 2 o'clock, the crew brought out a large picture frame with a black sheet covering the chosen ones (see picture). After 30 more minutes of positioning the frame, the cameras and the inventors, they were finally ready to reveal. Donna, provided an emotional speech, thanking the inventors for their courage to make their inventions a reality, the dedication, commitment that it takes to get to this point and for the effort made in showing up. This "off-the-cuff" speech was recorded three times before the final reveal (see picture).

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