Monday, March 22, 2010

Pitchmen Season 2: And the Winners are?

At first, I took the picture of the reveal (see picture), then I looked, no I examined, no I searched for my name or the product name, but to no avail. I could not find either on the board…Really??? Soon after, you can hear people screaming and laughing, crying, I searched again for my name. How can this be? Could they not see the value in this product? I went down the list, one by one, triple checking to make certain that I was not listed. 17 names and I was not one of them. 17 products, that were all small gadgets, from what I can tell. 17 names and none of the inventors that I mentioned were listed.
The film crew asked that after the reveal, those who were not selected need to leave the premises in order to start the next segment. I grabbed my CharBQ's, placed my CharBQ hat on and walked down the "green hall" while a camera man was on the opposite side, recoding my walk. When I reached the front, Peter was conducting "Rejected" interviews. He stops me, and asks me some question, and truth be told, I was still in shock of not being selected. He asked me, "how do I feel", at the time, numb, and my reply was close to the heart, reserved, yeah it should have been me, bla, bla, bla. I also answered, in a polite manner, congratulations on all who made to the next level. Peter then probed me and I stated, that I felt they made a mistake - that the CharBQ was loved by all. Peter then, off camera agreed, "I think they did too" Later than night, when I placed pen to paper on the plane and the decision had more time to sink in, my answers are more in line with, Were they on crack? Can I smoke what they were smoking? What were they thinking?
But I digress, when I finished my exit interview with Peter, I turned around and there was "Sully" shaking peoples hands and thanking the rejected inventors for coming. Naturally, I stepped up, shook his hand and took a picture (see picture). And my final thoughts on this topic? Any meeting or pitch, I will have a barbecue for demonstrating the CharBQ and at all costs, have my partner John attend.

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