Monday, March 15, 2010

Pitchmen Season 2: Night Before

From late November until January John and I have slowly been working on finding partners to manufacture our product and on January 20th 2010, Sara Burns from the Original Production company reaches out to me. She works for the production company that produces Pitchmen and other fine reality shows. She requested pictures, videos and information on the CharBQ. Naturally, we complied and shortly there after, we deliver as requested. Then on January 25th, she send off another email asking us if we are going to attend the "will call" for season two of the Pitchmen on January 29th… four days to plan and prepare!!! After speaking with my wife Linda and John, we decide that I should attend and do my best. And so, the following day, Tuesday evening, I book my flight, hotel and car. My flight leaves on Thursday evening at 4 pm and arrive in LA at 8:30 pm.
I guess you are wondering why John could not attend? Two issues, 1. he, and his family, had just got back from a week long vacation 2. work obligations and a court filling due on Friday.
On Thursday, I prepare to leave and shut down my PC and just before I am set to shut down, precisely 1:28, an email from Sara arrives, asking that our pitches include statistics, people that might purchase and the flash of genius. I quickly as my writing team (John and Linda) to help me out with some text and so by the time I boarded the airplane I had additions to my pitch. Now it was up to me to learn the additions.
On Thursday, January 28th, I arrive in NC, yes I took a two leg flight, not ideal, I know. Anyway, by the first leg, I had the new addition roughly memorized. 45 minutes later, I board my second flight to LA where we arrive 30 minutes early! I make my way towards Hertz, rent my Subaru SUV and head towards Burbank. I make may way to North Hollywood to the Ramada hotel next to Bob Hope Airport. This took me 45 minutes and when I arrive, I check in, go to my room and unpack. I prepare my clothes, toiletries and the CharBQ. I set the alarm clock for 5 am, my iPhone for the same time and I'm in bed by 10:15. I force myself to go to sleep and I turn off the TV at 10:30. By 4 am, my body and mind woke me soul up and I began my routine, all the while reciting the pitch to myself. By 5 am, I checked out of the hotel and made my way to Madelyn Dance Studio, approximate 10 minutes away. I scope the area out for people and parking - no people and a lot of parking spots. Good. I now make my way to the local Starbucks for breakfast. After my meal, I head back to the studio and find that someone has parked in one of the many parking spots. I glance at the time, it's barely 6 am!

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