Friday, March 19, 2010

Pitchmen Season 2: Show time

I followed the direction given to me by Donna (the person in charge),to say the product name three times, "CharBQ, CharBQ, Do you CharBQ?" then state my name. Now I am asked to pitch and nervously I enter my first paragraph, fumble and alter the "convenience" section and end with the "adjustable" section. That was when I went blank!! I could not recall the next line for my life, I apologized three time before my mind opened up and moved. I moved along the speech and concluded without incident. I then went through the stat's and the Flash of Genius, then Donna asked me to stand up the CharBQ with charcoals and to reiterate how the product functions. When I ended, Donna, the photographer and the sound man all wanted to know where to buy one. That made me feel good. I was off to meet with Peter, for my post interview.

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